Relaxation Project

Is it weird to make a project out of relaxing?


I’m used to being weird though so I’ll carry on.

I need to reset my base level of relaxation.

For too long, my starting level has been tuned too high so I am rarely fully relaxed and I tip into feeling overwhelmed far too easily.

So, I am making a project out of dialing my internal relaxation levels down.

This involves yoga, stretching, journaling, art, meditation, and this morning, it involves sitting in my swing at 7:00am and then having an ice cream cone for breakfast.

Right now, I am sitting on my yoga mat on my patio and drinking iced tea before I write in my journal.

Sure, it’s important to get to my to do list but it’s much more important that I feel ok, that I feel restful, that I dial back my stress levels.

I want to turn down my hypervigilance.

I am seeking ease.