Another busy week

I’m heading off to a conference on Wednesday and I am doing my best not to overload myself with tasks before then.

I’m a bit of an anxious traveller. I don’t worry about big things like accidents or crashes, I worry about late planes and missed connections and that sort of thing.

It’s not unreasonable to consider those but since I can’t actually do anything about them – beyond figuring out a short alternate plan as needed- it’s really best to put those worries aside.

And one of the ways my brain does that is to fill up my time with things.

What things?

Anything that I can think of that feels like it would be good to clear off my metaphorical plate. “Oh, if I did that then I wouldn’t have to think about it while I’m away.’

Even though it may not have come up at all except for my brain’s frantic search for something ‘useful’ to do right now.

I’m trying to coax myself away from that trap and just adjust to the uncertainty inherent in travel plans.

This may take more than one try.