100 Days

I want to write more, I want to be physically stronger, I want to prepare for my black belt test in Taekwondo, and, I want to play more games with my boys.

I’ve decided to focus on all of these things during the next 100 days.

cool picture

This is me battling the dragon of resistance. Drawn by my boys about 2 years ago.


Yes, I know that the ideal way to reach a goal is to pick one thing at a time. But I also know that sometimes we can trigger change by picking something audacious to aim for.

I’m doing both.

My main goal is to do 100 days of preparation for my black belt test.

So every day between now and February 9, I am going to do some preparation for my test – whether that is practicing my pattern, studying my theory or anything else that occurs to me.

Chance favours the prepared, and I am bringing chance into my corner by preparing thoroughly.

Everything else is something¬† I am taking the next 100 days to work into my schedule. Some days I’ll manage it all, some days I won’t, but by the time February 9th rolls around, I will have regular habits supporting all of those ideals. They may not be daily habits, but they’ll be regular ones.

I’m going to write about this 100 days of practice here on my blog several days per week.¬† Some days will be more exciting than