Another ICAD card

I’m pretty pleased with myself for keeping up my Index Card A Day plans for 16 days now.

I’ve done this challenge in the past but I’m not sure that I have done a stretch like this before. Usually, I miss one and plan to do it the next day and then I find myself weeks down the road doing 10 or 12 on the same day.

This time, though, I am committed to doing one card daily, no doubling up! Even if that means a quick pencil sketch or just some meaningful text on the card. I want to keep the habit, no matter how imperfectly.

I may not post them in the challenge FB group every day but I am doing them.

Here’s today’s card in response to the prompt ‘Trinket.’

I have plenty of trinkets and knick- knacks because I like tangible reminders of people, places, and feelings. A lot of my favourites trinkets are keys and stars so I chose those shapes to represent all of my trinkets.

A drawing of three old fashioned keys and a bunch of gold stars.
Image description: an index card drawing of three old fashioned keys (one each in purple, blue, and green) and 13 gold stars of various sizes against a light purple background with darker purple pinstripes. The index card is sitting on a black book.

I like firm guidelines

I always have trouble with vague guidelines.

I don’t mean to suggest that I can never wing it, or that I need strictly defined rules in every situation. That’s definitely not the case.

But since ADHD affects my perception of both my own efforts AND of what is enough in any given situation, I can have an extra struggle with choosing where to apply my efforts.

This ‘note to self’ is about creating a more defined guideline for myself.

A drawing of a robot in a yoga pose. The caption says ‘just pick a few battles, two maybe.’
Image description: a drawing of a robot in warrior II pose with a caption that reads ‘Note to self: Just pick a few battles. Two, maybe.’

Small Bits of Art

I’m doing the Index Card A Day art practice again this year and I’m having fun with the prompts.

And it’s so very true that creativity thrives under constraint…or at least that you can have a lot of fun when you have to channel your creativity in a specific way.

Here’s my response to the ‘snapdragon’ prompt:

 A drawing of a fire breathing dragon in a flowerpot.
Image description: a drawing of a fire-breathing dragon growing out of a flowerpot. Text next to the drawing reads ‘Well, I was going to draw snapdragons but all those little seed packs look the same, you know?’

Arts Fun: 365 Somethings Art Challenge

One of the habits that I want to cultivate this year is creating art regularly. I do lots of creative things on a regular basis – storytelling, writing, brainstorming – but I don’t have a consistent practice for creating visual art. I usually have 2 or 3 times during the year when I invest my time in drawing or art journaling but it slides off my radar the rest of the time.

But, this year thanks to Hanna and Tammy (who developed the project) and Amy (I found out about it from her), I am participating in the 365 Somethings Challenge.

The point of this challenge is not necessarily to produce a piece of art each day, but to create 365 pieces of art during this year. So I can do them daily, or do 7 pieces per week, or follow whatever schedule suits me.

I’ve decided to do 365 pages in my art journal. I’m not sure what other constraints I will put on myself as time goes by, but I can already feel that useful constraints will develop.

Here’s my something for today…A notebook page with a yellow and orange background and three starburst shapes on it, one orange, one blue and one green. There are small circles of each colour on the sheet.



Artsy Fun: Mystery Games

My theatre group * Morrigan Mystery Evenings * specializes in mystery games.

We do them 6-8 times a year and we always have a grand time – first when making up the ridiculous stories and then performing them.
It works like this:

We get a bunch of our actors together and decide some characters we would like to play and then we figure out where those characters might get together.* Then we sort out what has been stolen or who has been done away with, and we figure out each character’s motive and alibi.


After that, we just start adding in foolishness to make things more fun.

We don’t develop a script or dialogue, we just work to inhabit our characters and invest ourselves in their motives and alibis.

Then, on the night of the game, our audience either sits at tables and we circulate and chat while they ask questions, or, we sit in various locations and they move to us and ask questions. It makes for a really interesting and challenging evening because you never know where people’s questions are going to lead and you have to be quick on your feet. Well, metaphorically, at least.

It’s a bit alarming how adept my actor friends are at lying in character, how easily we can spin a story out of nothing, but it’s also part of what makes it interesting.

Our next event is called ‘A Date with Death’ and it’s coming up on Sunday, October 29.

Get the details here.


*Sometimes we start with the location and do characters second, but not very often.