A work time experiment

Tomorrow, I’m going to assign a time to each group of tasks and see if it helps my brain focus,

I really want my work days to feel more orderly and solid.

And I want it to be clear when I’m done for the day.

If it works, great!

If it doesn’t, I want to commit to tweaking the process instead of tossing it out and starting over.

Let’s see how it goes.

Friday 5

5 things I want to do this summer, in no particular order.

1) hula hoop in the back yard

2) go on a day hike with my friend Jan and stop for a reading break

3) swim in a pond

4) have tea with Mom on her patio

5) have a long chat around the firepit with my friends

Last Day Of School

No one in my house is in school so this ‘last day of school’ feeling I have is definitely misplaced but I’ll still roll with it.

Not much is changing between my spring and my summer really but I am definitely changing my perspective on my day to day.

I am insisting on slowing down.

Now I just have the figure out the mechanics of how that can be done.

This is one of the perils of ADHD – What is enough to do? When is a a good time to do it? Where is the line between relaxing and ‘slacking off’ ? Intellectually, I know that slacking off isn’t inherently bad but I also know that there is a point at which I have dialled things back so much that it is hard to start again.

Damned if I know where the line is though.

Foggy Outside & In

Yesterday was the foggiest day I have seen in ages. As I was driving along, the road seemed to be disappearing a little ways in front of me and the buildings at the side of the road would loom out of the fog one at a time.

Today is much clearer outside but I swear all the fog has moved into my head.

I know that I’m still getting over being tired from travel, being tired from my plane arriving at 2:45am, and being tired from…everything, but this is an additional layer of tired fogginess.

I’m just trying to go easy on myself and stick to the necessities.

Making those choices is hard work in itself, actually.

All peopled out

I’m really enjoying my conference but it’s really easy to get all peopled out.

I wish that, even in a crowd, I had some sort of personal bubble device I could step into and regain my equilibrium before stepping back out.

I truly love interacting with people and hearing what they have to say so this isn’t about them being a bother, it’s about my brain needing a break so I can be present as my favourite self.