Real Live Conversation

A gif of Spongebob Squarepants with the word conversation appearing over his head.
Image description: GIF of the character Spongebob from the show Spongebob Squarepants (a rectangular yellow sponge with huge eyes and skinny arms and legs who wears shorts, and a shirt and tie) moves his arms over his head and as he spreads his hands, a rainbow appears. The word ‘Conversation’ is in white at the top of the GIF.

Largely by happy accident, I ended up in a delightful and lengthy conversation with my dear friend Alex M those evening.

It was so wonderful to be able to sit unmasked (at a safe distance) and to be able to have the sort of long, rambly, connected-but-not-direct conversation that I must enjoy.

One of the weirdnesses of the pandemic is how carefully planned everything has had to be. And that has meant that more of my conversations have had to be more focused, direct, and clearly purposeful than I prefer them to be.

It was an absolutely treat to be able to reconnect and chat freely, I look forward to more of those conversations in the future.

New Art Supplies!

A drawing of a green octopus with small yellow dots.

Image description: a drawing of a green octopus with small yellow dots and a star on its forehead. Its eyes are closed and it is surrounded with blue dots. The pink text above reads ‘Sometimes she meditates. Sometimes she just kind of floats, which is kind of the same thing.’ There are 6 different coloured markers visible above the drawing.

I’ve been playing with my brand new paint pens and I’m finding it interesting how different media brings out different ideas and styles.

I have to reflect on this a bit more so I can figure out what I mean by that but I know it is akin to how I tell different stories when I handwrite something versus when I type it versus when I use voice dictation.

Different methods seem to pull my attention to different phrasing, different sentence structure, and even different stories.

The difference between using a black fine-tip marker and using a big paint pen seems to do the same for my art.

For My Own Fun

On Friday, my dear friend Elaine brought me this whirl-a-gig as a gift and I absolutely adore it (and I adore her!)

Yet, oddly enough, when I first set it up, I turned it so the beautiful shiny part was facing out into my yard and the plain back was facing the house and the patio.

I don’t know why I did that.

With that set up, someone sitting in the backyard would have the very best view of Elaine’s lovely gift.

But, from my usual reading and drawing spot on the patio, I wouldn’t be able to see the shiny colours.

And when I look out of my patio door I would just see the plain black side of the decoration.

How foolish of me.

If I am going to fully enjoy my whirl-a-gig, I need to set it up so *I* see the best bits most often.

So, today, I turned it to face me and I have been grinning at it ever since.

(I mean, every time I look that way. I have not spent the whole day grinning at an inanimate object. 😉 )

A windmill style decoration stands in a backyard.
Photo description: a black windmill-style decoration on a stick with multi-coloured ‘blades’, stands in a backyard. There are orange flowers and green leaves in the foreground. In the background you can see a wooden fence, a lawn chair, the lawn and my dog!

The key is…

I guess the title should really be ‘Keys are…’ and the rest of the sentence would be ‘one of my favourite things.

Not only do I love keys and key decorations in themselves, I love the IDEA of keys.

Sure, one one level they are quite mundane – you use a key, it moves the mechanisms in the lock, the door opens.

But, if, like me, you view the world with a storyteller’s eye, keys become much more mysterious.

From that perspective, you are holding a magical item that will allow you admission into forbidden places.

You can move between worlds,

You can access secrets.

You can seek out important things.

All because of an item you can hold in your hand.

Three small decorative keys are resting on a quilted mat.
Image description: Three small decorative old-fashioned keys, one pewter-coloured with a crown on top, one plain silver, and one bronze key with a clover-like top are resting on a brown and blue quilted mat.

Sunflowers…to be

Sunflowers and daffodils are two of my favourites and I have always wanted to grow some of my own.

And while that seems like a straightforward thing to do, deciding to start planting flowers actually involves a fair number of steps and a bit of planning.

Thanks to ADHD, multiple step projects and long-term planning are two of my nemeses.

I’ve bought daffodil bulbs and then found myself in December with the bulbs still hanging in the bag in my shed.

And I’ve planted sunflowers two years in a row…too late for them to bloom.

But this year, thanks to a better level of meds and the resultant capacity to plan, I have planted sunflowers early enough.

Today, the seedlings peeked out of the soil!

(I’m doing container gardening, obviously!)

A tiny green seedling emerges from the dirt in a terracotta coloured pot.
Image description: An terracotta coloured oblong flowerpot with dark soil inside, and a green seedling just starting to curl upwards.

Now to buy some daffodil bulbs!