I keep forgetting that colds are a thing

My husband had Covid last week but none of the rest of us got it.

Meanwhile, today, I have a cold – gravelly throat, an out-of-it feeling, and chills.

He didn’t have those symptoms and I have tested 4 times in the last week (including earlier this evening) and given how his timeline worked, I would have been testing positive by now.

I was feeling a bit puzzled

“I’m sick but it’s *not* Covid?”

“And it’s not a migraine?“

“What is this?“


Colds are a thing.

In all these years of wearing masks, I had kind of taken colds off the list of things that happen to me.

And now I am wearing a mask around my house, something it never occurred to me to do before Covid.

Now it is so normalized and so civilized.

I guess before we just treated viruses as inevitable?

Weird, hey?

September Saturday List

Here are a few things I noticed this September Saturday

1) the afternoon light in the backyard has changed and it has a Fall ‘feel’ to it now.

2) the purple fireweed along the road where Khalee and I walk isn’t as prominent but there seems to be a lot of goldenrod right now.

3) 7pm has a much more evening-like feel than it did in August.

4) I am really drawn towards writing fiction at the moment, I can feel a story at the edges of my brain but it’s not ready to be written yet.

5) Cooking feels far more interesting now that the temperature has dropped a little.

Fluffy caterpillar

A caterpillar on green grass
Image description: A fat, kind of fluffy caterpillar with a black body with light yellow markings and tufts of white hair is slightly curled on some green grass.

We used to keep these in jars as “pets” when I was young.

I feel like we saw more of them then but perhaps I just spent more time crawling around in the grass where I’d have a better chance of seeing them.

This one was on my swing yesterday and I got him to climb on a stick so I could return him to the grass.

I didn’t name him nor did ai put him in a jar.

As often happens, my fears were for naught*

The workshop yesterday was delightful. Exactly what I needed.

And even though I didn’t completely understand what was going on, the instructor’s approach made it safe to feel that way.

It was a really interested exploration of the patterns of our inner worlds – not our mental space but our sense of our bodies from the inside.

A photo of a roughly traced outline of my body from the hips up, lying on my right side. The outline is filled with various patterns. ?
A photo of a roughly traced outline of my body from the hips up, lying on my right side. The outline is filled with various patterns.

*To be clear though, these fears of being the only one who doesn’t get it were not irrational. That exact scenario has played out MANY times.