September Saturday List

Here are a few things I noticed this September Saturday

1) the afternoon light in the backyard has changed and it has a Fall ‘feel’ to it now.

2) the purple fireweed along the road where Khalee and I walk isn’t as prominent but there seems to be a lot of goldenrod right now.

3) 7pm has a much more evening-like feel than it did in August.

4) I am really drawn towards writing fiction at the moment, I can feel a story at the edges of my brain but it’s not ready to be written yet.

5) Cooking feels far more interesting now that the temperature has dropped a little.

Friday 5

5 things I want to do this summer, in no particular order.

1) hula hoop in the back yard

2) go on a day hike with my friend Jan and stop for a reading break

3) swim in a pond

4) have tea with Mom on her patio

5) have a long chat around the firepit with my friends

Three complaints

I’m not going to get whiny here but three things are getting on my nerves lately.

1) I keep forgetting to drink water throughout the day and then I wake up at night feeling like I have been in the desert.

2) I’m having extra trouble choosing where to focus so I haven’t been able to write some things I want to write. This isn’t writer’s block, it’s grief and I am trying to be kind to myself until this particular aspect passes. It’s frustrating in the meantime, though.

3) My body wants get moving, work hard, really get my muscles working. My brain and my metaphorical heart are insisting on moving slowly. If I try to push myself at all it either stirs up my emotions or I feel instantly exhausted.

I know these things take time but I wouldn’t mind if they took a little less time than this.