Much better day

Today was still a bit jumbled but it felt better overall.

And it was nice enough to walk without gloves on.

I’d like a bunch of days like this in a row, please.

Jumbled Saturday

What a strange day!

I realized when I first got up that I had forgotten to get a refill on my meds so I didn’t have my ADHD meds today.

I could really feel the difference.

I didn’t jump from task to task, but I had significantly more trouble getting started on everything.

I couldn’t really convince myself that it would be worth the effort to get started.

And I had a bit more trouble working my plan for anything I did take on. I cleaned out a closet, and I kept having to re-organize and re-organize and re-organize instead of being able to envision what I wanted to do and make that happen.

It wasn’t a bad day, but it was a jumbled one.

Focus? What’s that?

This week has not been brain-friendly.

Nothing bad has happened but each day was filled with the kind of distractions and open loops that really throw me off.

I always have trouble with task initiation but this week it has taken far more effort than usual to pull my attention to even the most enjoyable tasks.

I know my brain is just like that sometimes but it’s really really tiresome.