Some things I just noticed today

I love how walking at even slightly different times of day or at a slightly different pace or a slightly different route leads me to notice new things in familiar places.

I love when rocks are sticking out of the ground like this, it reminds me of the site where I used to go to Guide camp.

I also love Khalee’s expression in this photo, kind of giving me side eye.

A large rock sticks out of the ground, surrounded by greenery. A light haired dog stands nearby.
Image description: a large piece of speckled rock is emerging from the ground, surrounded by greenery. A light-haired dog with a harness and a leash stands near it, looking sideways/toward the camera.

I’m sure I just have seen this type of tree before and perhaps I will recognize it again later in the season. I suspect that I am usually too busy in the spring to notice it flower, or maybe it has just reached eye level this year. Either way, I’m happy to have noticed it.

Green leaves, pink buds, and a white flower on a tree.
Image description: bright green leaves, a white flower, and pink buds on a tree.

Even though I have always been fairly observant, I sometimes am so focused on completing a task before I get distracted that I don’t notice everything I would have liked to see.

I’m tweaking that tendency these days and it has been worth the effort.

Small cheery things

Small white flowers, grass and gravel.
Image description: small white flowers with larger green leaves surrounded by grass and brown gravel. The flowers may be strawberry plants.

When I was out for a walk with my dog the other day, I happened upon these flowers (strawberry plants?) on a hill that was mostly gravel with some patches of grass.

It made me smile to see their happy little faces in the middle of some dirt and grass so I thought I would share in case they have the same effect on you.

PS – No, my blog hasn’t been hacked. I’m building new blog habits so I am starting small – with these wee flowers.