Flowers from today’s walk

A pink stalk-shaped flower standing in greenery.
Pink flowers (with petals on either side of a upright stalk) surrounded by greenery.
Pink and red stalk-shapes flowers amidst shrubbery.
Red and pink flowers standing upright amidst shrubbery. The flowers are tall stalks with petals stuck out on both sides.
A white flower among greenery.
A single white bloom, shaped like a trumpet’s horn, surrounded by greenery.

Creatures of the Night

We had to take our walk at night so I had a little fun with it.

Me and Khalee are creatures of the night.

We may need fancy capes for this.

A nighttime photo of a dog, her shadow, and a person’s shadow.
A nighttime photo of Khalee with my shadow beside her and her shadow stretching out in front. She is standing on a sidewalk facing away from the camera, my shadow is falling on the grass next to the sidewalk.

Shadow Creatures

Image description: A photo of mine and Khalee’s shadow cast by the setting sun onto the evergreen trees on the other side of the path below the sidewalk where she and I are standing. The grass on the slope down to the path is in the foreground, the asphalt path runs diagonally down towards the right hand side of the photo and there are trees and grass on the other side partially lit by the sun. Gaps in the lower branches of the trees create interesting shapes that look a bit like other creatures behind Khalee.

1) I wish I had the photography skills to have made a really artsy shot here.

2) I didn’t notice at the time that the gaps in the trees looked like short invisible creatures were standing behind Khalee and casting a shadow but I like the effect.

Trudging along

This week has been a slog.

No specific disasters, just a bunch of small frustrations wearing me down.

I don’t feel like doing anything but doing nothing doesn’t make me feel any better so I have been letting my habits and routines carry me along.

Tonight, I feel especially grateful for my routine of walking the dog.

If she didn’t need to get out for a stroll tonight, I would have just spent the evening sitting around and that wouldn’t have served me well at all.

Thanks, Khalee-pup!

A photo of my medium-sized, short-haired, light-coloured dog standing with her front feet on grass and her back feet on the sidewalk. She is facing towards the right side of the photo. Her neon yellow leash extends from the lower portion of the photo towards the middle left where she is.