Not quite spring

Last summer I bought myself this delightful disk swing so I could sit in it and listen to music, meditate or read.

Last fall, I decided to leave it out in case I could still use it sometimes over the winter.

And since we had very little snow for the majority of the winter I used it a fair bit.

Then we had a series of bad snowstorms and I took it down to protect it from the weight of the snow.

With the springish weather lately I decided it was time to hang it up again.

It’s not quite time to use it yet but that time is coming soon.

A circular swing hangs from a bare tree, it’s just a few inches above the above snow covered ground
I took this photo this sunny afternoon while standing on my patio. Image description: My circular swing with a green trim hangs from a bare tree in my backyard. The base of the swing is just a few inches above the snow that covers everything in the yard.