Feeling Sick Is Boring

I found out a couple of years ago that the headaches that have plagued me for years are actually migraines. They have been relatively infrequent, just a few times a year, but they have been awful. Finding out that they were migraines was a kind of relief, actually, because it made me learn to take better care of myself instead of trying to power through them.

Over the last year though, things have taken a different turn and I have been having ‘silent’ migraines. All of the other awful symptoms but with no actual head pain.

I have a few days of being unfocused and sleepy (which I only notice in retrospect) and then I have an evening of feeling hellish.It’s horrible, of course, but it passes fairly quickly.

It’s the next day that really upsets me though.

That’s the day I feel better than I did but still not good. I’m well enough to do necessary things but not up to doing much. I feel okay enough to feel weird about lying around but I know that, if I don’t rest, this feeling will go on longer.

I can read but I’m not very focused. I can’t watch a tv show without feeling a bit nauseated. I don’t feel up to drawing. I’m too bleh to have a conversation.

It’s just boring, boring, boring.

Apparently, I *can* write a blog post though. 😉

A photo looking up at light fixture ceiling fan with brown blades.
My view all day. Image description: a photo looking up at a light fixture/fan with brown fan blades on a white ceiling. The top edge of a window can be seen at the bottom of the photo.


I’m changing to wordpress because I am tired of dealing with the html details. I love my old site design (http://www.mombie.com/oldsite.html) but between working on multiple computers and creating my own archives and so on and so on, I’m just tired of fussing with details.

It may take me a while to make this one pretty but at least I can set it up, do some writing from ANYWHERE and then just publish it with out all the fuss.

This is just part of my plan to ‘automate’ as much of my life as possible. I’ve read a ton of personal development and time management books (a shock, I know!) and many of them say that the key to managing your time and your mind is to get as much of your life on autopilot as possible so you you can stick to the things that matter to you.

Writing matters to me. The details of getting writing online bog me down. Hence, new blogging method.