I’ve been looking forward to “summer break”

The only difference between my winter schedule, and my summer schedule is the fact that I don’t have taekwondo classes during the summer.

So I have been looking forward to “summer break” but without kids in school and with my various projects and tasks continuing into the summer things aren’t going to be all that different.

Except for the fact that my single regularly scheduled activity won’t be happening.

And I guess that change in routine is enough to shake things up a bit.

Freeing up two evenings and Saturday morning is enough to give me a feeling of expansiveness, like there is more time to do the things I want to do.

Yes, realistically, my TKD classes aren’t in the way of things I want to do but I have those evenings and Saturday mornings blocked off in my mental schedule so they feel like nothing else can go on around those times (this is a mental hurdle I’m working on.)

So, with those classes no longer a factor in my schedule, I really feel like I can explore what kind of summer I want to have, how I want to spend my time, how I can fully enjoy the extra freedom of a changed schedule, warmer weather (I hope!) and a clear idea of the things I want to do.

Now I just need to get that clear idea in place. 😉