The key is…

I guess the title should really be ‘Keys are…’ and the rest of the sentence would be ‘one of my favourite things.

Not only do I love keys and key decorations in themselves, I love the IDEA of keys.

Sure, one one level they are quite mundane – you use a key, it moves the mechanisms in the lock, the door opens.

But, if, like me, you view the world with a storyteller’s eye, keys become much more mysterious.

From that perspective, you are holding a magical item that will allow you admission into forbidden places.

You can move between worlds,

You can access secrets.

You can seek out important things.

All because of an item you can hold in your hand.

Three small decorative keys are resting on a quilted mat.
Image description: Three small decorative old-fashioned keys, one pewter-coloured with a crown on top, one plain silver, and one bronze key with a clover-like top are resting on a brown and blue quilted mat.