Making one creative task easier

I started work on a 24 hour Zine this morning.

I knew what I wanted it to be about but I was having trouble starting it.

A small paper booklet of flash fiction
It’s going to be 9 pieces of flash fiction about…you guessed it, ordinary secrets. Image description: a small folded booklet on a wooden table. The booklet has the words “some ordinary secrets a 24 hour flash fiction zine by Christine Hennebury” written on the cover and the blank spaces are filled with horizontal lines and there is a star in each corner.

Finally, after playing around with a few ideas in my head, I realized the problem.

My paper was too big!

I usually make mini-zines and I was trying to work with a regular sized paper just folded in half to make a booklet.

That’s A LOT of space to fill.

So, I cut the page in half and suddenly it seemed a lot easier to work with.

I mean, it makes sense – if you cut any task in half it will make it less daunting, right?