After 10 days of writing…

I am reaching the point where topics are popping up for me, even when this app isn’t open. But even though the writing itself is fairly easy, t I am still finding myself a bit reluctant to write here.

I think it’s mostly because I am not sure what I want this blog to be about. But I also find myself thinking ‘Don’t write that here, that’s a post for your coaching blog.’ Or ‘That topic belongs on Fit is a Feminist Issue.’

I don’t necessarily put those topics in those places but I still don’t put them here either.

(This tells me that I need a ‘container’ for those ideas so I can easily return to them. I’ll have to create a file or something.)

But, for some topics, they are just too big to get into. They’ll take more time than I want to spend at that moment. Or the energy cost will be too high.

A container, metaphorical or otherwise, won’t help with that.

That’s going to require a different solution but I haven’t figured that out yet.

Anyway, the ideas are coming more easily so that’s one hurdle cleared in 10 days.

And once I settle on a topic of the right size and shape, the writing itself is pretty straightforward.

So, I’m going to label this experiment ‘so far, so good’ and carry on.

30 Days of Posts!

My goal with this blog in June was to post every day, completely avoiding any expectations of writing ‘well’ or being insightful.

I just wanted to write daily.

And I’ve done it!

Gold star for me! ??

I definitely wasn’t insightful and some posts barely had enough text to count as a post but I was consistent and put *something* up every day.

And that makes me really happy!

I struggle with consistency so this is a real victory.

I’m going to keep posting in July but I’m going to plan things out a little more and not just hope that something postable floats into my consciousness.

I don’t think anyone has been reading this month but, just in case, thank you for spending a little time with me words.

See you tomorrow!

A GIF of a person in a dress waving two balloons, one is a 3 and one is a 0.
Image description: A GIF of a person in a dress stands on a road with field and a lake behind her. She is waving two balloons, one shaped like a 3 and one shaped like a 0.