Not a storm yet

There is a winter storm warning here today.

But so far the snow is just falling gently and it hasn’t even started blowing around.

It’s really perfect weather for walking the dog.

. A dog walking on a snowy path.
Image description: Khalee, my dog, is at the bottom of the photo ahead of her is a snowy path with snow covered evergreens and leafless trees on both sides of it.

Trudging along

This week has been a slog.

No specific disasters, just a bunch of small frustrations wearing me down.

I don’t feel like doing anything but doing nothing doesn’t make me feel any better so I have been letting my habits and routines carry me along.

Tonight, I feel especially grateful for my routine of walking the dog.

If she didn’t need to get out for a stroll tonight, I would have just spent the evening sitting around and that wouldn’t have served me well at all.

Thanks, Khalee-pup!

A photo of my medium-sized, short-haired, light-coloured dog standing with her front feet on grass and her back feet on the sidewalk. She is facing towards the right side of the photo. Her neon yellow leash extends from the lower portion of the photo towards the middle left where she is.

Finally, the day I’ve been waiting for!

Khalee is somehow both vigilant and relaxed in the yard.

A light haired dog sitting in the grass and sniffing the air on a sunny day.
Image description: a sunshine-y photo of Khalee, my light-haired medium-sized dog, is wearing a fun purple cooling scarf while she sits in the grass (a low kind of sitting, with her belly on the ground and her back paws under her) while she sniffs the air and looks to the left of the photo.

And I am sitting on my patio mat about to do some yoga.

It’s warm, I drank my tea outdoors, and I feel relaxed.

It’s finally summer!