Artsy Fun All Week!

This week I taught a creativity workshop, took a drawing workshop and a Zine workshop, and I told a story on stage at a public event.

Today, I’m going to an ‘Art Crawl’ where people can drop by our organization’s table to try a couple of activities.

I just need to add some writing to my day today and this will be a perfectly creative week.

As often happens, my fears were for naught*

The workshop yesterday was delightful. Exactly what I needed.

And even though I didn’t completely understand what was going on, the instructor’s approach made it safe to feel that way.

It was a really interested exploration of the patterns of our inner worlds – not our mental space but our sense of our bodies from the inside.

A photo of a roughly traced outline of my body from the hips up, lying on my right side. The outline is filled with various patterns. ?
A photo of a roughly traced outline of my body from the hips up, lying on my right side. The outline is filled with various patterns.

*To be clear though, these fears of being the only one who doesn’t get it were not irrational. That exact scenario has played out MANY times.

Drawing for Fun

Well, truth be told, most of the drawing I do is for fun but this is a little different.

A good friend of mine bought us both a copy of Johanna Basford’s 30 Days of Creativity so we could work on it together.

So I get the fun of drawing from prompts AND the fun of working on this at the same time as my friend.

Image description: a page from Basford’s book that shows two shelves filled with vases. Some vases have flowers in them already but there are some that I drew in black ink.

Giving my brain a break

My brain is being a bit of a jerk today so I spent a bit of time listening to an audiobook and drawing and colouring this.

It helped a bit.

A drawing of brightly coloured shapes with thick black outlines
Image description: A drawing of shapes created by thick, black, curved lines that takes up the whole piece of paper. Each shape is coloured with a different bright coloured marker. The shapes are somewhat similar to how beach rocks end up when they wash ashore.

Drawing with dots

I have many many different versions of drawings like this – a figure, back on, standing on a hill, reaching their arms towards the sky.

I don’t know exactly why I am drawn (ha!) to draw this so often but I am and I do.

Today, I experimented with creating this image from dots.

I really like how the sky turned out but I think that, next time, I’ll make the figure taller with longer arms.

A drawing of a person standing on a hill, arms outstretched toward the starry sky. This drawing is made entirely of dots. Curving horizontal lines of green dots for the hill, vertical lines of blue dots for the sky, clusters of yellow dots of stars, and a three triangles and a circle of black dots for the figure.