Today’s Monster

Betsy has some important stuff to say.

Image description: a purple, orange, and teal monster with giant ears, and a potato shaped body with 6 arms and two large feet. Text next the image reads “
Betsy is tired of hearing you be mean yourself. She’s hoping to help you break the habit by reminding you that you’re doing best you can with the resources you have.”

Another ICAD card

I’m pretty pleased with myself for keeping up my Index Card A Day plans for 16 days now.

I’ve done this challenge in the past but I’m not sure that I have done a stretch like this before. Usually, I miss one and plan to do it the next day and then I find myself weeks down the road doing 10 or 12 on the same day.

This time, though, I am committed to doing one card daily, no doubling up! Even if that means a quick pencil sketch or just some meaningful text on the card. I want to keep the habit, no matter how imperfectly.

I may not post them in the challenge FB group every day but I am doing them.

Here’s today’s card in response to the prompt ‘Trinket.’

I have plenty of trinkets and knick- knacks because I like tangible reminders of people, places, and feelings. A lot of my favourites trinkets are keys and stars so I chose those shapes to represent all of my trinkets.

A drawing of three old fashioned keys and a bunch of gold stars.
Image description: an index card drawing of three old fashioned keys (one each in purple, blue, and green) and 13 gold stars of various sizes against a light purple background with darker purple pinstripes. The index card is sitting on a black book.