Exercise Victories

For the past month, I have been doing some extra mobility/rehab exercises every day.

This week, I noticed two things:

1) After my exercises on Tuesday, I felt great!

A little muscle-tired but my brain was awake and my body felt good.

2) Last night, when I reached down for Khalee’s water bowl, the movement was easy.

It’s never super-hard but there has been a sort of stiffness, a resistance, in my movements.

Last night, though, I felt fluid and flexible.

I love this for me!

A different approach

I had a tangly kind of day. No crises, just a few vaguely unpleasant parts that I couldn’t shake loose from my brain.

My mind’s insistence on reviewing those unpleasantries kept me from work effectively for a chunk of the day. By this evening I was at loose ends and looking for a way to help myself feel better.

My initial plan was to do some journaling and then try to do some work but, frankly, I really didn’t want to do that.

So, instead, I exercised.

I took Khalee for a walk.

I rowed on my rowing machine for 20 minutes.

I did some strength training.

And I did some yoga.

That may sound like a lot but I didn’t overdo it, I paid close attention to how I was feeling and kept my efforts in the enjoyable range.

And when I was done, I felt so much better. The unpleasantries were still there but they had far less real estate in my mind.

I’m calling this method a success – not only is my mind clear but I feel good physically, too.

A light haired dog curled up on a blue yoga mat
Khalee is a fan of my yoga mat. Luckily she moved before I needed to lie on it! Image description: a light haired dog is curled up on a blue yoga mat (with lighter blue patterns on it)