A good way to spend a Saturday night

Don’t worry, this took place is a safe zone for an outdoor fire and it was in a well-established fire pit.

Sitting around this fire with 4 of my dearest friends was a terrific way to kick off my summer of contemplation, revaluation, and relaxation.

Yep, those three things are my summer priorities.

The tricky part is putting them into practice.

a small outdoor campfire burns within a circle of large rocks.
Image description: a small outdoor campfire burns within a circle of large rocks.

When to move and when to rest…who knows?

A light-haired dog walking among some white flowers.
Image description: My dog, Khalee, in the middle of some white flowers with green leaves.

Yesterday, I did something weird to my back and all the muscles winched themselves two notches tighter.

All last night and today, I have been alternating between resting and moving.

I took a couple of short walks.

I lay down on the floor for a while.

I did a little yoga.

I sat in my chair with a massage ball on a few pressure points.

I stretched a bit.

I lay on my bed with a pillow under the small of my back.

It’s a tricky business, back pain, and it’s damn hard to know whether to keep moving or to get more rest.

I guess I’ll have to keep figuring it out as I go.