Flowers from today’s walk

A pink stalk-shaped flower standing in greenery.
Pink flowers (with petals on either side of a upright stalk) surrounded by greenery.
Pink and red stalk-shapes flowers amidst shrubbery.
Red and pink flowers standing upright amidst shrubbery. The flowers are tall stalks with petals stuck out on both sides.
A white flower among greenery.
A single white bloom, shaped like a trumpet’s horn, surrounded by greenery.

One of my favourite views

I love the way the ‘gateway’ to my yard from my patio looks.

I feel relaxed just looking at this photo.

A photo of a backyard as seen through the opening in a patio rail. There are flowers in pots on the patio.
Image description: a photo of part of my yard and patio. Near the centre of the photo is one side of the opening in my patio rail where the steps come up. On the right is the patio rail and post with some sunflowers in a pot with a beam of sunlight on them. On the left side of the photo is a green pot with purple flowers growing in it. Through the opening is the sun-dappled grass in my yard, in the middle distance an orange lawn chair and my square fire pit, and in the far background is a wooden fence with a small shelf, raised a little from the ground, with three flowerpots on it.

Working Outside

I can’t decide if it is easier or harder to get things done when this is my view.

A photo of potted flowers at the corner of a patio deck.
Image description: the corner of my backyard deck across from my chair. I stood up to get a better angle. The focus of the picture is an arrangement of pots of flowers, some are on a wire rack, some are on a table and some are on the deck floor. The flowers include begonias, a variety of dahlias, some marigolds and others and they include pink, purple, red, and yellow flowers. The corner of my blue yoga mat is at the bottom of the photo and my shed, trees, and some green grass with a large patch of sunshine in the middle is in the background.

Art experiments

I’m trying to get a certain effect with small painted flowers but I haven’t figured out exactly how to do it yet.

I can’t really describe what I’m trying to do but I’m content with moving paint around on paper until I get what I’m looking for.

And even the results that aren’t quite right are still very fun.

Two small paintings of flowers laid down on a wooden patio railing.
Two small paintings resting on a wooden patio rail. The painting on the left has a cluster of thumbprint sized flowers in pink, orange, yellow and blue on white paper with dots in the background. The one on the right is on a cardboard card with a sprinkle of tiny flowers in pink, blue, yellow, and orange on the right side against a background of thin black lines.