Projects! That’s what I want.

I’m having one of those revelations that feels so familiar that I’m sure I have had it before and just didn’t carry it far enough.

With a lot of my writing and drawing, I have often said that I enjoy the creative practice but I don’t feel like it is going anywhere. I feel like it isn’t leading to anything.

I am already very creativity-oriented so I don’t need to add creativity for its own sake – I already have that baked into my life.

What I need is a way to help me focus and do something that has a plan, something with a defined end point. A reason to start and then to stop some specific aspects of my practices.

A way to see my skills develop.

A bit of a challenge.

I need to pick some damn projects, assign myself a time frame, and then make some cool stuff.

I may have had this revelation before but this incarnation feels really useful and tangible.

More think-y than write-y

In the last couple of days, my brain has been absolutely filled with ideas but none of them are finished cooking.

And that makes it really hard to write.

Knowing that all of these cool ideas are simmering makes all of my easily accessible thoughts feel pretty dull and/or makes me feel like I should wait until they are ready before I write.

However, I know better than to fall for that.

Experience has taught me that:

– My current ideas only feel dull in comparison to those simmering ideas because those simmering ideas feel perfect (untested things often do.)

– Waiting until my ideas are ‘ready’ often means that I won’t write at all.

So, here I am writing a post that’s kind of a placeholder but at least it reminds me that any writing I do is helpful in the long term.

All Thinky…Again!

I have had some really terrific conversations this week about all kinds of great things – storytelling, business, volunteer work, finances. I feel really excited and hopeful about the possibilities on all fronts.

But this is where the tricky part comes in…

My brain wants to do all of it at once.

In fact, if I try to approach it any other way my brain gets really cranky about it and sometimes refuses to do anything at all.

So, I’m all thinky again over here.

What does my brain need in order to feel safe doing just one thing at a time?

What pattern of activity can I create in order to convince my brain that progress is being made?

How can I *see* that progress AND not try doing all of the things at the same time?

So, yeah, like I said: I’m all thinky…again.

Planning for June

I had some fun plans in place for May but obviously my focus was elsewhere this month.

Now, as I try to work out what I want to do in June I am feeling rusty and kind of weird.

I know that I shouldn’t take on ‘too much’ but what’s too much?

And I definitely shouldn’t leave myself without enough to do because that leads to melancholy in the best of times. Also, what’s enough to do?

I have no idea what my capacity is now and I definitely can’t guess what it will be in a month.

I often struggle with this kind of planning anyway, my present circumstances aren’t making it any easier.


After 10 days of writing…

I am reaching the point where topics are popping up for me, even when this app isn’t open. But even though the writing itself is fairly easy, t I am still finding myself a bit reluctant to write here.

I think it’s mostly because I am not sure what I want this blog to be about. But I also find myself thinking ‘Don’t write that here, that’s a post for your coaching blog.’ Or ‘That topic belongs on Fit is a Feminist Issue.’

I don’t necessarily put those topics in those places but I still don’t put them here either.

(This tells me that I need a ‘container’ for those ideas so I can easily return to them. I’ll have to create a file or something.)

But, for some topics, they are just too big to get into. They’ll take more time than I want to spend at that moment. Or the energy cost will be too high.

A container, metaphorical or otherwise, won’t help with that.

That’s going to require a different solution but I haven’t figured that out yet.

Anyway, the ideas are coming more easily so that’s one hurdle cleared in 10 days.

And once I settle on a topic of the right size and shape, the writing itself is pretty straightforward.

So, I’m going to label this experiment ‘so far, so good’ and carry on.