I don’t buy stuff at my door

Ok, that’s not strictly true.

I will buy chocolates or raffle tickets from neighbourhood kids.

I’m not a monster.

Well, not that kind of monster anyway.

But I’m always baffled by how big companies will send people door to door to try and sell their services.

I guess enough people must buy stuff so it is worth the company’s while but I hate the idea.

Yesterday, I was working when someone knocked at my door. Khalee was going bananas, barking and running around,

I was expecting a friend to be dropping something off so I assumed she was just letting me know it was there and I went down to collect it from the mailbox.

Instead, I see some guy standing in my doorstep with a tablet in hand. He says ‘Sorry, I didn’t see your sign about the barky dog until I had already knocked.’

I’m not a complete jerk so I stepped out (in the rain! ) onto the steps to talk to him. Holding the door open wasn’t an option because Khalee would keep freaking out.

He’s wearing a company lanyard and I say that I already deal with that company. He replies that that’s why he’s here and that he was shipped in from Nova Scotia to talk to existing customers.

That seems weird but big companies do weird stuff sometimes.

Then he starts on his spiel.

“I’m here to get you set up with our home security system, get you a break on your insurance. We’ll put the camera up here…”

Now, this is the worst thing you could possibly do if you are trying to sell me something. If you start your pitch as if I have already made up my mind, I am going to say no.

I mean, I already have a policy against buying anything major at the door – I need time to consider my purchases and that’s not possible at the door- but I will double down on my “No.” if I feel like you are being scammy.

And that kind of spiel may result in sales but it’s scammy and slimy.

It’s a way to reduce people’s resistance, to ease past their objections.

If you just want sales, I guess it’s a helpful technique.

But if you want happy, engaged customers, it’s just gross.

So, I said “No camera. I don’t want one.“ and grabbed the door handle to go back inside.

“How about an alarm system?”

“Got one.”

“With what company?”

“I’m not discussing this. I don’t want to change services. I’m going back inside. Good luck out there.”

And I go back inside.

I felt bad for this young guy. Maybe this is the only job he could get and it was definitely no fun traipsing around in the chilly rain yesterday.

But I am not signing up for a security system at my front door because ai pity him.

I don’t buy stuff at my door.

I definitely don’t buy scammy-feeling stuff at my front door…or ever.

PS – I do believe he was working for the company he said he was working for, it didn’t feel like that kind of scam. It was the technique, not the product, that felt scammy.