Trying to do one thing at a time

In my efforts to get things done ‘before I forget’ and/or not to hyper-fixate on one task and ignore everything else on my list, I often end up treating my day as a series of things to check off.

I end up feeling like the important thing is get things done rather than to enjoy the process of doing them.

I just set a timer so I could relax into reading my book and drinking my tea for 20 mins before getting started on my day’s work.

After a few sips of tea, I suddenly found my mind wandering to my to do list, because I had mentally checked off ‘drink tea.’

That’s not good for me and it’s a waste of a good cup of tea.

I have to find a middle ground between ‘drink tea and read all day’ and ‘take two sips and check it off.’

I end up feeling rushed far too often to do it to myself unnecessarily.

A photo of tea in an octopus cup.
This morning’s cup of tea in the cup that my dear friend Mary gave me – it features a cranky blue octopus holding an ice cream cone in one tentacle. My ebook is propped up in the background and my cup is on a multicoloured patterned mug rug.