Unexpectedly Popular Monster

When I created Shari, I felt like I was kind of copping out with the advice.

Not only did what I had written on the drawing feel trite, I felt like the additional advice in my post was a bit ordinary, maybe even too obvious.

Here’s what I said:

By the way, when Shari says to lean into your own style and do your own thing, she’s not just talking about what you wear.

Do the things you love to do and do them in the way you love doing them.

Maximize your daily fun!

Image description: a drawing of a green slug-like monster that is green on top (with pink dots along her uppermost edge) and black and white striped underneath. She has a big eye on this side, and two pink teeth and antennae. She has a thought bubble above her that reads ‘It’s ok. Do your own thing!’ And text above that reads ‘Shari wants you to lean into your own style!’

I wasn’t expecting people to like it or, at least, I didn’t expect them to engage with it.

But I had multiple comments on it and people told me it was what they needed to hear.

Obviously, the saying ‘you are too close to your own work to judge it’ is very true.

Yesterday’s Monster

Meet Jane.

She’s got some good advice about being nervous.

Image description, a drawing of a shaggy monster, with a purple head, arms and legs and a teal body. She’s got big eyes and gold teeth. Black text beneath her reads “Jane is reminding herself that it’s ok to be nervous when things are really important to her…or anytime really. SheMs being kind to herself about it and she hopes you will, too.

Thursday Monster

This is also a note to self.

I forget to rest sometimes.

A round orange monster with 5 eyes and 5 limbs
Image description: a drawing of a round orange monster with 5 eyes and 5 limbs sticking out in different directions. Text next to the drawing reads “Meribel hopes you can add a little more rest into your day tomorrow. Bonus points if you do it BEFORE you’re completely exhausted.

Today’s Monster

Betsy has some important stuff to say.

Image description: a purple, orange, and teal monster with giant ears, and a potato shaped body with 6 arms and two large feet. Text next the image reads “
Betsy is tired of hearing you be mean yourself. She’s hoping to help you break the habit by reminding you that you’re doing best you can with the resources you have.”

Saturday’s Monster

A blue and purple teardrop shaped monster with black tendrils
Image description: a purple and blue raindrop-shaped monster with curlicue tendrils and big round glasses. Text next to the monster reads – Terri wants to remind you that it is okay to feel however you feel.
“Go ahead and feel your feelings,” She says, “Let them wash over you like a wave and they will pass.”
She knows it isn’t easy to do but it will get easier in time.

As I said on Instagram:

Some advice from Terri today.

You want to use good judgement with how you express your feelings but accepting/understanding/feeling them is the only way to deal with them.

Be kind to yourself out there, please.