Today’s Monster

I’m a bit tired and grumpy today and so is today’s Monster.

Image description: a drawing of an orange monster with tendrils on top of her head. She has a blue blanket over her shoulders and is holding a grey teddy bear. One of her eyes is bigger than the other and her mouth is a bumpy line which makes her look a bit disgruntled. Black text on the right reads:
Penny is feeling a bit grumpy today
so she’s cuddling up with her favourite blanket and her teddy bear. When the world feels hard, she tries to find as much softness as she can
She hopes you will too.

Lunchtime Monsters

Yesterday during lunchtime, I was feeling a bit tense so I tried the traditional remedy…

I drew a few monsters to help my brain relax and find a little breathing room.

A drawing of 5 monsters made by drawing a bumpy line and then dividing the line and the bottom half of the drawing into 5 sections.
Image description: 5 monsters created by drawing a single bumpy line, dividing the line and the bottom half of the paper into 5 sections and then colouring each section separately. The monsters are against a background of yellow lines. The first monster is red, with a tuft of black hair, has one eye and is wearing a blue pinstriped shirt. The second monster is purple with two eyes, a mouthful of tiny teeth, pointed ears, a pointy-tipped tail and is wearing a shirt with yellow splotches. The third is blue with black arms, three eyes, and a wide open mouth, the fourth is yellow with green polka dots and a ridge of green spikes in the back of its head. It is turned to the left so only its right eye is visible. The fifth monster is only partially on the page, has green skin, two eyes, and black horns and is wearing a red sweater.