A short list

Things that are helping me to feel better these days:

1. Writing posts about my grief on the blog at Fit is a Feminist Issue – post 1 and post 2

2. Following through on the items on my Todoist list. Following through might mean doing them (at the very least there are 5 or 6 personal items I have done daily), it might mean delegating them, or it might mean rescheduling them. Either way, looking at my lists keeps the days from blending into one another.

3. Walking the dog

4. Talking to friends – whether we talk about what’s in my head or what’s in theirs, it’s all good.

5. Accepting that some days will be trickier than others and that’s just how these things go.

Not the boss of words today

I generally find it pretty easy to write.

Sure, it might be hard for me to actually get myself to sit down at my desk but once I have the document open and I start typing things usually flow pretty well.

In fact, I often describe my writing as bossing words around.

Today, however, I was not the boss of words. They did not want to pay any attention to me and they flatly refused to line up on the page in a logical fashion.

Luckily, I’ve been writing for a long time. These kind of days are going to happen. They don’t have any special meaning about my writing, or my writing skill, they aren’t a sign of anything.

Today’s frustrations only mean that today was frustrating.

There’s always tomorrow!

A GIF of a monkey typing.
Image description: a monkey (or maybe a chimpanzee) in a pink shirt types on an old-fashioned typewriter.