New Art Supplies!

A drawing of a green octopus with small yellow dots.

Image description: a drawing of a green octopus with small yellow dots and a star on its forehead. Its eyes are closed and it is surrounded with blue dots. The pink text above reads ‘Sometimes she meditates. Sometimes she just kind of floats, which is kind of the same thing.’ There are 6 different coloured markers visible above the drawing.

I’ve been playing with my brand new paint pens and I’m finding it interesting how different media brings out different ideas and styles.

I have to reflect on this a bit more so I can figure out what I mean by that but I know it is akin to how I tell different stories when I handwrite something versus when I type it versus when I use voice dictation.

Different methods seem to pull my attention to different phrasing, different sentence structure, and even different stories.

The difference between using a black fine-tip marker and using a big paint pen seems to do the same for my art.