New paints = big fun

I bought myself a new pan of paints on Wednesday and decided to give them a try last night.

I did a few brushstrokes of paint on the page and, once they dried, I outlined them with black marker and little faces and antennae to create these fun little creatures:

A small drawing of stylized figures made from a brushstroke of paint with details added in marker
Image description: my small drawing of a series of creatures created by making a brushstroke with light orange paint and then outlining them/adding details with black marker. The figures are mostly rounded with big eyes and look like little ghosts or bugs, some have antennae. My initials and the date are on the right hand side.

I’m delighted by the one in the skirt. What a fun little dance they’re doing!

(Yes, I can be delighted by my own work, aren’t you? I didn’t know it would turn out so well.)