A low key victory

Last night, I submitted a grant application, utterly unstressed, 24 hours in advance of the deadline.

Earlier in the day, I submitted an application for a different grant over 36 hours before the deadline.

I’ve occasionally turned in grant applications early but this is one of the first times that it has happened by design rather than by luck.

I worked on both of these applications in little bits, got help and feedback, did revisions, added extra material, for more feedback, and was still able to get them both in early.

I even took 4 days off over the weekend.

I’m really proud of myself for this process.

I actually enjoyed putting the application together because I had plenty of time to think.

One of my ongoing goals is to spend more time working on things in small amounts instead of trying to do them in one fell swoop and this is a very promising start.

Go me!

Exercise Victories

For the past month, I have been doing some extra mobility/rehab exercises every day.

This week, I noticed two things:

1) After my exercises on Tuesday, I felt great!

A little muscle-tired but my brain was awake and my body felt good.

2) Last night, when I reached down for Khalee’s water bowl, the movement was easy.

It’s never super-hard but there has been a sort of stiffness, a resistance, in my movements.

Last night, though, I felt fluid and flexible.

I love this for me!