Projects! That’s what I want.

I’m having one of those revelations that feels so familiar that I’m sure I have had it before and just didn’t carry it far enough.

With a lot of my writing and drawing, I have often said that I enjoy the creative practice but I don’t feel like it is going anywhere. I feel like it isn’t leading to anything.

I am already very creativity-oriented so I don’t need to add creativity for its own sake – I already have that baked into my life.

What I need is a way to help me focus and do something that has a plan, something with a defined end point. A reason to start and then to stop some specific aspects of my practices.

A way to see my skills develop.

A bit of a challenge.

I need to pick some damn projects, assign myself a time frame, and then make some cool stuff.

I may have had this revelation before but this incarnation feels really useful and tangible.

August Writing Goals

I have been doing lots of little bits of writing – blog posts, flash fiction, brainstorming – but I haven’t done any longer form writing in a while and I want to get back to it.

There’s nothing wrong with the writing I have been doing but it doesn’t require a lot of focus beyond the time I spend actually writing. Right now, though, I feel drawn to do something that needs planning, outlines, revision, something tangible that feels like I have said something I really wanted to say.

So, in August, I am going to be working on my novel and on a series of blog posts for my coaching blog.

Off to make some notes!