Not philosophical, just fun

My friends and I had an outdoor fire at our retreat tonight.

I could spend this whole post waxing philosophical about the appeal of sitting around a fire.

I could get anthropological or psychological about the needs that are met by sitting with friends around the flames.

But really, the whole point is that it was fun and relaxing to sit there chatting while the fire crackled, being grateful that things like this are possible again.

A campfire burns, enclosed by a circle of rocks and dirt.?
Image description: a campfire burns, enclosed by a circle of rocks and dirt.

Real Live Conversation

A gif of Spongebob Squarepants with the word conversation appearing over his head.
Image description: GIF of the character Spongebob from the show Spongebob Squarepants (a rectangular yellow sponge with huge eyes and skinny arms and legs who wears shorts, and a shirt and tie) moves his arms over his head and as he spreads his hands, a rainbow appears. The word ‘Conversation’ is in white at the top of the GIF.

Largely by happy accident, I ended up in a delightful and lengthy conversation with my dear friend Alex M those evening.

It was so wonderful to be able to sit unmasked (at a safe distance) and to be able to have the sort of long, rambly, connected-but-not-direct conversation that I must enjoy.

One of the weirdnesses of the pandemic is how carefully planned everything has had to be. And that has meant that more of my conversations have had to be more focused, direct, and clearly purposeful than I prefer them to be.

It was an absolutely treat to be able to reconnect and chat freely, I look forward to more of those conversations in the future.