New Year Ritual

I lit a fire in my backyard, fire pit and burnt bits of paper with things I want to let go of written on them.

Will it help?

I don’t know. But what I do know is that it felt good and powerful and that is a good enough start for me.

A fire in a backyard fire pit
Image description: a square fire pit, surrounded by snow, the flames inside look warm and vibrant.

I like how this picture feels

I took this photo on Friday near Rocky Harbour, NL.

I liked how it felt to see this in person and I like how it feels to look at this photo.

A photo from a grassy shore with a body of water in the middle ground and hills at the back.
A photo looking out over a body of water to some hills in the distance. In the foreground is grass with rocks at the shore, then there is a long stretch of water leading to hills in the very back of the photo. The way the water extends toward/between the hills gives the photo a very long perspective.

Storytelling week!

Last week, I was organizing events for other people’s fun.

I had fun, too, of course but when you have to remember all the details, it’s hard to really sink into what you’re doing.

This week, though, I’m telling stories at two different festivals and I’ll have to do is show up and tell.

I don’t have to figure anything out.

I don’t have to remember any details.

I don’t have to make sure we have supplies.

I just have to tell stories.

I’m really looking forward to it!

Hurrah for Sunday

I don’t have anything scheduled today so my brain has been ‘off leash’ all day and I feel great.

I’ve done all kinds of stuff but I did it at my own pace and on my own schedule so this has been such a relaxing day so far.

Next up: reading on the patio until I feel like doing something else.

Update: I did get some writing done yesterday before going to the Art Crawl. AND everyone who visited our table at the crawl had a great time making a thumbprint monster.

Artsy Fun All Week!

This week I taught a creativity workshop, took a drawing workshop and a Zine workshop, and I told a story on stage at a public event.

Today, I’m going to an ‘Art Crawl’ where people can drop by our organization’s table to try a couple of activities.

I just need to add some writing to my day today and this will be a perfectly creative week.