Another Reminder To Myself

There is no automatic virtue, no automatic advantage to doing things the hard way.

My best bet is always to check out the easy way first and only add more work if necessary to get the job done.

A small white card that reads “start with the easy way and build from that.”
Image description: a small white card on a wooden surface. Handwritten text on the card reads ‘Start with the the easy way and build from that.’ most of the text is in black capital letters but the words ‘Easy Way’ have softer lines and are outlined in black with the centre of each letter coloured in either red, yellow, orange or purple. The word ‘easy’ has some bright gold lines sprinkled around it to highlight it and the background of the whole card had small black dots.

Reminding Myself To Rest

No matter how many times I remind myself that work and rest are part of the same cycle, I still forget.

It’s not that I am so caught up in productivity that I refuse to rest.

And it’s not that I think that my value lies in my work.

It’s that I literally forget that doing a lot of things a lot of days in a row makes me tired.

So at the end of a flurry of busy days, I find it weird to be tired and my brain wanders off in search of the reason why.

And then, when realization dawns, I have a good laugh at myself and take some downtime.

Brains are weird creatures.