When to move and when to rest…who knows?

A light-haired dog walking among some white flowers.
Image description: My dog, Khalee, in the middle of some white flowers with green leaves.

Yesterday, I did something weird to my back and all the muscles winched themselves two notches tighter.

All last night and today, I have been alternating between resting and moving.

I took a couple of short walks.

I lay down on the floor for a while.

I did a little yoga.

I sat in my chair with a massage ball on a few pressure points.

I stretched a bit.

I lay on my bed with a pillow under the small of my back.

It’s a tricky business, back pain, and it’s damn hard to know whether to keep moving or to get more rest.

I guess I’ll have to keep figuring it out as I go.

A Pause In My Day

One of the problems with having ADHD is that prevents you using time effectively.

So, I can be ‘working’ at my desk for hours but because I have switched tasks so often, I don’t have anything to show for it.

That can lead to more time at my desk in an effort to finish my tasks…and…and…so on.

As part and parcel of those executive function issues, I can lose track of the need to take a break. it’s not about me being a ‘workaholic’ or ‘Type A’ – I’m neither of those things. It’s a perception issue.

My plan is always to ‘just finish this and then take a break.’ Unfortunately, between the time it takes me to ‘just finish this’ and my challenges around understanding how long a given task will take, I can reach the end of the day having only taken a break for lunch. (And I only remember that because my husband comes home to lunch – which creates a distinct marker for lunch time. I rarely, if ever, forget to eat, but sometimes I multitask my lunchtimes.)

So, one of my goals for this summer to prioritize my break times.

I’m picking a time during the work day when I am going to relax for at least 15 mins. More, if my schedule allows.

That’s why this afternoon found me on my front step, reading, drinking tea, and watching the clouds.

So far, so good!

A view of a suburban neighbourhood and the sky, seen though a patio railing.
The view from my chair on the front step. Image description: A view of cars, houses, lilacs and the sky as scene through the black metal uprights and wooden railings of a set of steps.