Yesterday, I was outside

Last fall, we forgot to take off the caps on the posts on our patio and over the course of the winter, they fell off.

Yesterday was such a nice day that I wanted to get outside for a few minutes so I chose to go find the scattered post caps. (I found 6 of 8 so that was a victory. I think the other two are in a small snowbank on one side of the patio.)

While I was outside in the sunshine, I realized that I had enough time to sit in my swing for a few minutes.

So I did.

And I was astounded by how quickly my body relaxed.

I actually didn’t sit, instead I lay down across the saucer swing and just let it swing gently back and forth.

I swear, I felt the tension in my muscles melt.

Just thinking about it today is having the same effect.

I don’t know why that swing is so relaxing but damn it, I’ll take it!