Spring Flowers

I didn’t manage to plant anything last fall but I am sure grateful that other people did.

Thanks to my neighbour for planting these crocuses.

A cluster of crocuses in the middle of some old yellow grass.
A cluster of crocuses (two shades of purple and some yellow ones) in the middle of a patch of winter-worn grass.

Ugh, the weather

It’s downright disheartening to see everyone’s sunny Spring photos on Facebook and Instagram when our forecast looks like this:

A screencap of cloudy, chilly, rainy weather for the next 10 days.
Image description: a screencap from my weather app that shows no sunshine for the next 10 days, windy weather from now until Monday with temperatures ranging from -1 to 5, cloudy weather on Tuesday and Wednesday with temperatures from 0 to 10, and rainy weather on Thursday and Friday with temperatures from 2-10 and possible lightning on Friday.

I could handle the lack of sun if the temperatures were warmer. I could handle the chilliness if the sun would come out.

This though? This is no fun.

I’m just trying to focus on the fact that the temperatures are trending upward.

For four days next week, the temperature won’t drop below zero.

Let’s see that as a reason for hope, hey?

Not quite spring

Last summer I bought myself this delightful disk swing so I could sit in it and listen to music, meditate or read.

Last fall, I decided to leave it out in case I could still use it sometimes over the winter.

And since we had very little snow for the majority of the winter I used it a fair bit.

Then we had a series of bad snowstorms and I took it down to protect it from the weight of the snow.

With the springish weather lately I decided it was time to hang it up again.

It’s not quite time to use it yet but that time is coming soon.

A circular swing hangs from a bare tree, it’s just a few inches above the above snow covered ground
I took this photo this sunny afternoon while standing on my patio. Image description: My circular swing with a green trim hangs from a bare tree in my backyard. The base of the swing is just a few inches above the snow that covers everything in the yard.