Some delightfully creepy trees

These trees are between the path and a cliff on the trail I hiked on Monday.

There’s no reason for them to be spooky but they kind of spook me all the same.

In a good way.

Two large dead trees lying amidst greenery with the blue sky above.
Image description: two sun-bleached dead trees lie on their sides amidst greenery and evergreen trees on a sunny day. The blue sky above makes a nice contrast with the greenery and the white-grey of the dead trees.

I like this tree

On my walk yesterday, this tree was blooming? budding? growing?

And it just looked so cheerful and hopeful that I had to take a photo.

I know that this is a completely ordinary tree doing it’s completely ordinary thing but I was grateful for it yesterday and that’s worth celebrating.

A close-up photo of a branch of a tree with a bud that looks kind of like a raspberry and a bunch of green tufts where the needles or leaves will be. ?
A close-up photo of a branch of a tree with a bud that looks kind of like a raspberry and a bunch of green tufts where the needles or leaves will be.

Was this bird spying on me? (I kid!) (mostly)

Yesterday, I saw this tiny bird (zoom in on the top of the tree) while I was out for a walk.

A photo of the top part of a couple of evergreen trees. In the upper most branches of one is a small, gray or white bird.
Image description: a photo of the upper branches of two evergreen trees with blue sky behind them. in the spindly upper branch at the top of the photo is a small grey or white bird.

Nothing about its shape or size or actions caused me any concern but when it said. “Tweet, tweet!” , like a person doing a very poor imitation of a bird, my suspicions were raised.

Nice try, spy-bird. Nice try.

PS – Before you send someone to do a wellness check: Yes. the bird sounded like a person saying tweet. No, I don’t actually think it was a spy.

Soon, soon, soon

Last night, when I let Khalee out at around midnight, it was cool and crisp outside but it wasn’t cold.

It made me hopeful that I’ll soon be able to sit out on the patio at night and draw.

And that soon I’ll be doing yoga outside instead of in.

And soon I’ll have pots of flowers everywhere.




A photo of a patio chair in the corner of a patio at night
Image description: A nighttime photo of a patio chair in a corner on my wooden patio. There are white lights strung on the railing behind the chair. There is still snow on the ground and it can be seen through the metal rungs of the railing. A leafless tree is in the background.

A longer walk

Yesterday, after a meeting, I decided to walk home.

Most of the year, this walk would be pretty straightforward but with snow still in patches on the paths , it was a bit uncertain.

I still enjoyed it though.

I really like walking for transportation but my ADHD used to get in the way quite often and I would find that I didn’t have quite enough time to get myself to my planned destination and I’d need to take the car.

It was easier if I got dropped off because there was less timing pressure for getting home.

Now though, after years of meditation and conscious work on how to make my own ADHD life flow more smoothly, I can usually plan enough time to walk in either direction or I can decide on the best plan in advance.

All of this is to say that I had an enjoyable walk home yesterday and I felt grateful for a bit of time to move and think and listen to a podcast.

Also, I saw a cool tree.

A grey tree trunk with some parts of the roots above ground
I don’t know exactly what I find so cool but I really like this tree. Image description: the grey trunk of a (currently) leafless medium-sized tree with parts of some of the larger roots visible above ground. The trunk splits into two large parts (branches?) about 3ft from the ground and there is a whole in the branch (?) on the right side that looks like a monster eye. It’s surrounded by dead grass and leaves and there is a big patch of snow and other trees in the background nearby.