How is a mombie like a monk?

Nope, not that way (insert smirk here). Nor am I shaving my head in a circular pattern, hanging out in a remote stone building, or praying for hours a day.

According to some info, I’ve read, one of the purposes of yoga was to prepare the body for meditation. Creating strength and relaxation in your muscles enabled you to sit for long periods of time to meditate and look deeper within.

I do meditate, I do yoga, and I do try to look deeper within* but I am borrowing monk-liness (monkitude?) for a whole different purpose.

I am making August all about writing, and all about exercise. Normally those two things seem quite far apart in my goals list but I have decided to emulate the monks and use exercise to prepare my body for long hours of sitting still. Instead of yoga for meditation, I am using exercise for writing.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

*turns out, deep within, I am made of equal parts chocolate and words.