Day of Annoyance that wasn’t an annoying day

This morning I decided that I was going to get all my annoying tasks out-of-the-way in the first part of the day..

The idea was that if I got those things done, I wouldn’t be wondering when I had to get them done today I wouldn’t be dreading them for as long I don’t even be dreading them for a short period of time.

And damn it the plan worked.

Why, damn it?

Because I hate the idea that I have to front load my annoying ass, and I have to face them first I kind of wanted them to be just as hard to do them as they are at other times in the day, which is foolish because the key thing is that these annoying tasks need to get done and I can spend more of my day feeling better.

But this is also something irksome about the fact that these tricks work.

So I may have to start having regular days of annoyance, because this one turned out to be not all that annoying even though the task themselves were.