Reading: Daniel Siegel’s ‘Brainstorm’

I have always been troubled by our cultural notion that teenagers are inherently difficult people and that there is no way to avoid having a miserable time with your child during those years.

I mean, I understand that going through all that change in a few short years is challenging, and that there are a lot of misunderstandings that can (and do) occur.

I’m not naive, I’m just hopeful.

I can’t help but wonder if some of the problems that crop up have to do with the cultural expectation described above. You know,  the way that, if you expect trouble, you often find it?*

DrDanSiegel_Brainstorm_Cover_Small 3D AT

Anyway, as usual when I start wondering about something, I started researching, and that led me to Daniel. J. Siegel’s book ‘Brainstorm.’ I’m reading it right now and I’ll let you know how it goes. So far, I like what what he has to say and I’ll be writing more about it when I’m done.

If this topic intrigues you, too, you might want to check out Brainstorm.


*Please know that if you are struggling to communicate with your teenager, I’m NOT saying that you are the cause of the trouble. I’m not thinking of individual cases here, I’m wondering about our cultural approach. This stuff is just hard all around. For everyone.


Reading: Jaye Well’s ‘Volatile Bonds’

I love Jaye Wells.

I want to hang out with her and drink things that aren’t good for me and talk about writing and magic and about how cool it is to make stuff up.

I like how her characters are real people. Their actions make sense, even if those actions are profoundly stupid. They seem like people you could know, people you could love, not despite their faults but INCLUDING their faults.

Jaye’s writing style and her approach to her projects makes me want to write more things, and I like that in an author. The fact that she has been kind and encouraging every time I reach out to her is just a bonus.

Confession: Jaye recently ‘liked’ a piece of flash fiction I shared on Instagram and I did a little dance in my kitchen while squeeing. It doesn’t matter if she even actually read it, the thought that she *might* have read something I had written was a thrill.

I bought her latest book ‘Volatile Bonds’ a couple of weeks ago with the plan that I was going to dive into it right away. I thought that I was mostly done with the hard work of planning the ARTFUSiON Festival and I was going to have a bit of free time. (I can hear you laughing from here) Of course, things went awry and instead of diving right in, I have been reading about Kate Prospero’s adventures in bits and pieces, staying up way too late to absorb a few more words.

So, this isn’t a book review or anything, this is just me saying I am delighted by Jaye Wells’ work once again. I am thoroughly enjoying her writing, the characters, the world she has created and if you like detective-y urban fantasy books with well-crafted plots and complicated people, you should pick up Volatile Bonds.

PS – Also, buy all of Jaye’s other books. Writers have to eat.