There was supposed to be snow

We had a snowfall warning here today.

There were supposed to be 20 to 30 cm of snow. I finally managed to get the lawn furniture into the shed first thing this morning and then I went to my mom’s place and put hers away as well.

We cancelled some events that we had this evening because we didn’t want people out in messy weather.

And then we waited.

And the snowfall warning was cancelled.

We’re getting 2 to 4 cm of snow instead.

I’m happy not to have to shovel so much snow but I was looking forward to a snowy evening.

The very model of rest

Today, I was the model for my friend Jennifer’s art group. I was fully dressed, don’t panic.

I wore my dobok and did some patterns while they practised drawing a moving figure. And then I did two 25 minute poses – one seated and one in child’s pose.

It was hard work, and especially during the last two poses I found myself wondering how long I have been sitting there, but it was good. It was really nice to only be able to do or think about one thing, to be doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing in that moment.

And, it turns out, sitting still and breathing for an extended period of time is very restful. Those monks might be on to something.

I made this Xmas card for a friend today and I really enjoyed the process.

This is before the finishing touches:

A square card with overlapping writing on the background. It has red and gold trim, a green spiral and gold stars in the middle and the word Merry on a piece of red paper and Christmas on a piece of green paper are both stuck to the card.

So far so good

A second successful day in my plan to reduce chaos one shelf at a time .

Today, I moved some books around – not a huge step but a helpful one and it created a lot more space than I expected.

Reducing chaos

Or at least that’s what I’m trying to do.

I’m standing in the middle of my basement, which has all kinds of bits and pieces from all kinds of things lying all around.

I had planned to do a really deep clean of this basement over the fall. I was going to get rid of all kinds of things that we don’t use anymore and get them to homes who can use them and here it is the end of November and I am too tired to do this project.

So rather than taking on the huge thing. And rather than doing nothing at all, I’m going to reduce the chaos.

And in this case it means moving stuff around to different shelves so things fit better into the space and so things are near like things that way after the new year I’ll be able to work one shelf at a time and get stuff organized.

I’m really hoping that this process helps me to move forward and to work on things. One piece at a time.

Let’s see how it goes.