Oh, here I am!

Now, nothing awful happened but this has been a frustrating start to 2018.

There is some sort of plague going around this year. It’s not quite the flu but must be from the same neighbourhood. It starts with a vague feeling of being unwell, progresses to something similar to the way depression feels, circles you into brainfog – and those are just the mental symptoms. Your body is going through aches and pains and nausea and sniffling and coughs in various horrible variations.

I had zero energy for weeks – I was waking up and immediately thinking about how many hours it was until bedtime.

Not that I think life is all about productivity, but I hardly got anything done – the only stuff I did was established routines – making meals, going to a few meetings, drawing a little a writing a little every day.

Last Thursday, I complained about it on Facebook and Friday morning I woke up feeling like I remembered how to be human. I wasn’t feeling completely better but I felt much more like a person with symptoms instead of a bunch of symptoms shaped like a person.

I’ll have to remember that FB cure in the future.

Anyway, so here I am, back to communicating, just like I’m people.

And I have this song bouncing around in my head, and so will you. 😉

Arts Fun: 365 Somethings Art Challenge

One of the habits that I want to cultivate this year is creating art regularly. I do lots of creative things on a regular basis – storytelling, writing, brainstorming – but I don’t have a consistent practice for creating visual art. I usually have 2 or 3 times during the year when I invest my time in drawing or art journaling but it slides off my radar the rest of the time.

But, this year thanks to Hanna and Tammy (who developed the project) and Amy (I found out about it from her), I am participating in the 365 Somethings Challenge.

The point of this challenge is not necessarily to produce a piece of art each day, but to create 365 pieces of art during this year. So I can do them daily, or do 7 pieces per week, or follow whatever schedule suits me.

I’ve decided to do 365 pages in my art journal. I’m not sure what other constraints I will put on myself as time goes by, but I can already feel that useful constraints will develop.

Here’s my something for today…A notebook page with a yellow and orange background and three starburst shapes on it, one orange, one blue and one green. There are small circles of each colour on the sheet.



What I’m Reading

I am happy to report that, even though I am only part way through Morgan-Cole’s Most Anything You Pleaseit is every bit as terrific as her previous books.IMG_1019

Reading Trudy’s work is an immersive experience. Whenever I get the opportunity to read her work, I look forward to sinking right into her story and making friends with her characters.

Trudy doesn’t create worlds, she creates neighbourhoods, and, then, she fills those neighbourhoods with people you know. You feel like these are characters from your own past, or perhaps people your parents have told you about.

They feel familiar, perhaps that even if you don’t exactly know them, you know people like them. They make sense and you care about them.

What more could you want out of a story?




Well, hello 2018!

Here’s my big-picture plan (ironically contained in a small picture).

I’ll be back tomorrow with a list of my planigans and shenanigans for this year.

Square white card with hand lettering that reads 'Just a little more fun.'

My plan for 2018.