This is #WhyIMarch

I put on my power suit (my dobok) for my #WhyIMarch selfie. I can defend myself and I'll defend you, too. With words and with actions. Kiya! Virtual March for Woman's March on Washington #WMWCanada #womensmarch #sistersofthenorth #WMWYYT

I put on my power suit (my dobok) for my #WhyIMarch selfie.
I can defend myself and I’ll defend you, too. With words and with actions. Kiya!
Virtual March for Woman’s March on Washington #WMWCanada #womensmarch #sistersofthenorth #WMWYYT

Our March in NL became an online event because of blizzard conditions here today.

I have lots to say about how invigorating it was to see the Marches everywhere today, the sheer volume of people out to show hatred that it will NOT win. I’m still processing my thoughts though so, for now, I’ll just post:

  1. My photo for the online March.
  2. A link to the Women’s March on Washington: St. John’s
  3. A link to the Call to Action




On Being Fair

I used to wonder if I was being fair when I decided not to engage with people on certain topics, if I was not giving their opinions a fair airing.

After all, I do want people to feel heard.

But, then, I listened and I realized that there are certain types of people who do not just want to be heard, they want to take away from others so they have more. And I can tell when I encounter them because I can feel my energy and my empathy draining away.

That’s when I realized that sometimes it comes down to my values.

And my most sincerely held values involve maximizing the love in the world, increasing kindness levels, and ensuring that the vulnerable feel safe.

So, if the opinions they are espousing reduce love, reduce kindness or reduce safety then it is my job to stand against that, but it doesn’t mean that I have any responsibility to ensure that they feel heard. I don’t have to let them rail against me. I don’t have to give them equal time.

They are welcome to have their own opinions but they are not welcome to impose them on others.

I will stand for love. I will stand for kindness. I will stand for protecting the vulnerable.*

I will not stand for hate.


*I understand that some of the people I am thinking of believe that they are protecting some of the vulnerable but their version of protection amplifies hate. Mine does not. I will not allow it to stand.

Tools of the Trade

I am ridiculous about notebooks. I have so many that I could start my own stationery store – as long as people would buy notebooks that either have a few pages used in them, just a few pages left OR that are too pretty to use.

I think the notebook thing goes with the writer gene but I had the notebook tendencies for long before I realized that I was a writer*. That long term affection for notebooks makes it super-odd that I have spent so much time trying to make digital methods of planning work for me.

Notebooks, pen, lipgloss, timer, candle.  It's the stuff I need to get stuff done.

Notebooks, pen, lipgloss, timer, candle.
It’s the stuff I need to get stuff done.

I love the *idea* that my tasks can be easily shifted and that I can plan on a huge scale but, in practice, when I get overwhelmed, I avoid turning on the computer. Sooooo, that leads to me not having my to do list in front of me and that leads to me not doing it.

I have trying to use a bullet journal for a while now but I find that I don’t really like having the various scales of planning (big life stuff, yearly, monthly, weekly & daily) all jumbled in together. Soooo, in a move utterly uncharacteristic of me, I have bent the rules a bit**

Here’s the system I am working right now.

The open notebook with my name on it is my bullet journal – that’s got big picture stuff in there. The fancy notebook in the middle has brainstorming and meeting notes in it. The black one, which is going to be decorated with metallic markers after this weekend, is a calendar with a day for each page. I am currently using that as a daily to do list but I am hoping to turn it into a bit of a daily log as things go on.

I also have a Trello account so I can keep track of individual projects in a way that I can easily replicate for repeated things. And I put links to articles I want to read in Google Keep.

The benefit of all of these notebooks (and Trello) is that I have a space to put each type of information so I don’t worry about losing track of things and I have a record of stuff that I did.

The downside is that my purse is rather full!

* I mean, I always knew that I could write, I just never thought of myself as a WRITER.
** Even though I generally march to my own drummer, I have always struggled with systems because I (unconsciously) thought that a system would only work if you did it all EXACTLY right, me bending the rules about things like bullet journalling is HUGE and a credit to my ADD meds. 😉

Small Tweaks

Ages and ages ago, I let gmail switch me to Inbox. I mostly like it but it always bugged me the way it bundled things beyond my control. I routinely missed messages because they would get nested beneath a heading and I wouldn’t see it until it was too late to respond properly.

I tried writing a reminder to myself to look in the bundles each day but it only took a few days of not finding something relevant before I would (unconsciously) decide not to bother checking. Then I would forget entirely.

So, this has been bugging me the whole time that I have been using Inbox but it never occurred to me to check and see if I could change it. I just tried to remember to look in the bundled messages and when I forgot, I just dealt with the resulting frustration.

On Monday of this week, though, I read an article about to create effective folders in Inbox and in trying to set those up, I happened upon the Bundles settings.

I have no idea why I didn’t look for them before. It’s completely logical that the settings should exist – and gmail does tend to be pretty accessible like that. I just didn’t look.

Since I made the changes, my experience with my email has VASTLY improved.

Now, I am wondering how many other small annoyances I have been putting up with for ages.

AND I wonder what kind of small tweaks I can do to eliminate them.

Opening My Hand

You know when you go to the supermarket for a few things and next thing you are in the line juggling a huge pile of stuff on your arms because you got way more than you meant to?

And you know how you often end up with a weird feeling in one of your hands because you were holding on to something with a pinkie or a thumb and it was too heavy for one finger – or too heavy across the palm of your hand?

I'll admit, this image is only tangentially related to this post but they both give me the same feeling of 'Ah, yes. Right!'

I’ll admit, this image is only tangentially related to this post but they both give me the same feeling of ‘Ah, yes. Right!’

And you didn’t realize that your hand was hurting until you put everything down because previous to that point you were focused on the balancing instead of on what you were carrying?

I’m kind of finding that with a lot of things in my work/volunteer life lately.

I mean, I knew I was juggling a fair bit but over the past couple of months I have brought my attention to all of the things that were actually in my hands.  And, I have been laying them down one by one and seeing how much I actually want to be carrying.

And my hands feel weird because I had stuff hung off all of my fingers and they were hurting, but I didn’t realize it.

I had no idea how much I had in them until I put the stuff down – my focus was on keeping the pile balanced.

I am being VERY careful about how much I pick back up.

Does this feel familiar to you?

Has your focus been on the balance, too?

Can you turn your attention to your hands instead?